Med-PC V Software Suite



Med-PC® V Software Suite



New in Med-PC® V

  • Native 64-bit application, for Windows 7 or later.
  • All screens and dialogs have been completely redesigned, with an emphasis on reducing key strokes required for routine tasks.
  • New terminal panel that allows expert users to rapidly enter commands without using the menu system.
  • Data filenames now have a “.txt” extension so that they can be easily opened
    in text editors.
  • The macro toolbar is conveniently positioned for adding commonly used macros to the shortlist for quick and easy access. Context macros allow the user to assign macros to the shortlist so they are available when specified programs are loaded or running.
  • The new live inputs panel makes coding, testing and debugging programs a breeze. Simply double-click the desired input square to simulate a single input, or right-click for a level mode input.
  • Improved SHOW fields feature easily adjustable column widths and number of rows. The SHOW toolbar allows the user to view all boxes, manually cycle through them, or automatically cycle through each running box.
  • …and more!

New in Trans V

  • Editor bookmarks make it easier to navigate to specified sections of code.The user can now use “Ctrl+#” to create a Bookmark, and “Alt+#” to navigate to an existing bookmark.
  • Support for drag & drop of MPC format files into the editor
  • Customizable text coloring to improve readability and organization of your code. Choose from a plethora of color and text style options to suit your procedure.
  • Equated variables make it easier to navigate your code, and also make it immediately understandable to anyone else viewing the code by substituting the variable with plain English.
  • A tabbed editor with features like keyword completion, keyword help, user defined keyword highlighting, and automatic highlighting of syntax elements.
  • …and more!


OS compatibility/computer requirements:

  • Windows 7 and newer (64-bit only)
  • Full width tower PC
  • One full height PCI or PCI-Express slot.


PCI Operating Package for up to Eight Chambers (MED-SYST-8)
PCI Operating Package for up to Sixteen Chambers (MED-SYST-16)


To learn more about how Med-PC V can work for your lab or to get pricing, contact our sales team today! Or, view the Med-PC V Software Suite product page!


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