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MedLines Blog General Neuroscience

Could mindful meditation

help you prevent stress?


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A great new batch of citations!

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MedLines Blog

10.01.15 Mindful meditation: can it really reduce stress?

Mindful meditation is a growing interest in the research community. With the broad range of health benefits people claim, such as reduced anxiety and depression symptoms, improvements in quality of

09.24.15 Recent Citations – September 24, 2015

Carrillo, M., Migliorati, F., Bruls, R., Han, Y., Heinemans, M., Pruis, I., … Keysers, C. (2015). Repeated Witnessing of Conspecifics in Pain: Effects on Emotional Contagion. PLOS ONE, 10(9), e0136979.

09.17.15 Could Woodpeckers be the Key to Preventing TBI?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) refers to any head injury in which the natural homeostasis of the brain is disrupted. 10 million cases of TBI serious enough for hospitalization occur annually


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