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A great new batch of citations for August:

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Three blind mice?

Find out how animals are helping

to cure blindness!


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08.06.15 Recent Citations – August 6, 2015

Congratulations to all of our customers with recently published articles! Enjoy perusing just a few of our most recent customer citations: Amitai, Nurith, Susan Powell, Martin Weber, Neal R. Swerdlow,

07.30.15 Have you heard of Retraction Watch?

Do you ever feel like the scientific literature could use a little organizing? Do you run a literature search and wonder what you might be missing? Could you be citing a

07.16.15 Blind Mice Help to Save Sight

Retinitis Pigmentosa causes the degeneration of the retinas of approximately 1.5 million people worldwide*. This inherited disorder breaks down photoreceptors in the retina and slowly interrupts vision, eventually leaving affected


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