Does your cleaning solution

really clean?

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Express your emotions …

No words required

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Activity Monitor 7 (SOF-812)

Open Field Activity (OFA) monitoring is a powerful assessment tool that quantifies distance traveled
and stereotypic movements within the defined space
of an open field arena.

Learn more about what’s new in this iteration of
our open field activity monitoring software!

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05.26.16 Which Cleaning Solution is the Best?

When considering cleaning supplies, there are many different concerns that people have. Is it safe for the environment? How effective is it? What about these DIY mixtures online? Given all

05.19.16 Recent Citations – May 19, 2016

Congratulations to all of our customers with recently published articles! Enjoy perusing just a few of our most recent customer citations: Aoyama, K., Barnes, J., Koerber, J., Glueck, E., Dorsey,

05.12.16 Express Yourself Without Words

Humans communicate in a variety of ways. One main form of communication is our voices. We can make many different sounds to form words and sentences. But is that the


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