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Three blind mice?

Find out how animals are helping

to cure blindness!


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A great new batch of citations for July:

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New ways of studying

memory and mental disorder

using optogenetics!


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07.16.15 Blind Mice Help to Save Sight

Retinitis Pigmentosa causes the degeneration of the retinas of approximately 1.5 million people worldwide*. This inherited disorder breaks down photoreceptors in the retina and slowly interrupts vision, eventually leaving affected

07.09.15 Recent Citations – July 9, 2015

Congratulations to all of our customers with recently published articles! Enjoy perusing just a few of our most recent customer citations: Babaev, Olga, Paolo Botta, Elisabeth Meyer, Christian Müller, Hannelore

07.02.15 Mind Control?

Research on how to interact directly with neurons has been growing steadily since the invention of “Optogenetics.” This method involves genetically engineering neurons to become sensitive to light (American Epilepsy


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