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Two Compartment Place Preference with Auto Guillotine Doors and Lights for Rat

Product Number: MED-CPP2-013CAT
  • Expands the basic conditioned place preference package.
  • True two compartment set-up eliminates interpretational difficulties caused when test animal spends excess time in a center compartment found in three compartment chambers.
  • Animal position is tracked by IR photobeam detectors eliminating issues found with video tracking methods such as varying light levels or obstructed views of the animal.
  • Different floor types provide additional context change from side to side.
  • A maximum of eight chambers may be operated from one computer (computer not included).


Package Includes:

  • DIG-713A  |  SuperPort 16 Input Module, TTL
  • DIG-721  |  Standard 8 Output Module
  • ENV-013ADBW-S  |  Black/White Auto Door for Rat 2PP
  • ENV-013C  |  Two Compartment Place Preference Chamber for Rat
  • ENV-013IR-2  |  Infrared Detector Package for 2PP
  • ENV-221  |  1" White Lens Stimulus w/out Panel (qty. 2)
  • ENV-226B  |  3 Channel Light Control for Place Preference
  • ENV-256C  |  16 Channel IR Controller to DIG-713A
  • SG-210A  |  25' Universal Cable, 12 Conductor
  • SG-211P  |  Interface Cable, 12 Conductor
  • SG-215D3  |  Passive Connection Panel


  • ENV-013BM  |  Stainless Steel Mesh Floor, Black Side for Rat
  • ENV-013WR  |  Stainless Steel Grid Rod Floor, White Side for Rat

Three Compartment Packages for Rat

  • MED-CPP2-RSAT  |  Two Compartment Place Preference Starter Package with Auto Guillotine Doors and Lights for Rat


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