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Med-PC® V software suite

Product Number: SOF-736

  Med-PC® V

Improved User Experience
• Native 64-bit application, for Windows 7 or later.
• All screens and dialogs have been completely redesigned, with an emphasis on reducing key strokes required for routine tasks.
• Additional tool buttons placed on moveable panels.
• New terminal panel for expert users to rapidly enter commands without using the menu system.
• Macro parameter panels can be used to create highly customized data entry dialogs in macros.
• Each Windows user can have a separate procedure list so that it is easier to find one’s own programs when loading boxes.
• The new load box screen makes loading multiple boxes with the same or different programs a snap!
• Ability to drag & drop or resize the panes and panels in almost any configuration you desire; and can then be saved and easily accessed any time using the “Saved Desktops” drop-down list.
• Graphical Hardware Configuration provides representation of the interface cabinet, enabling easy and intuitive input/output card installation and setup.
• Improved SHOW fields feature easily adjustable column widths and number of rows. The SHOW toolbar allows the user to view all boxes, manually cycle through them, or automatically cycle through each running box.

Med-PC®, Simplified
• Data file options are now defined within Med-PC®, and the schemes for naming files have been simplified and otherwise improved.
• Data filenames now have a “.txt” extension so they can be easily opened in text editors.
• Saving data has been simplified. Use STOPSAVE to end the session and save the data. Use STOPDISCARD to end the session and discard the data.
• Options for defining the layout of printouts and for specifying the printer have been simplified; menu and macro commands to set these options on a per-box basis have been removed. The ability remains to change these settings for all boxes.
• The new & improved toolbar greatly reduces the clicks and keystrokes needed to start & stop boxes, issue start signals, k-pulses, as well as changing variable & array values.
• The macro toolbar is conveniently positioned for adding commonly used macros to the shortlist for quick and easy access. Context macros allow the user to assign macros to the shortlist so they are available when specified programs are loaded or running.
• The new live inputs panel makes coding, testing and debugging programs a breeze. Simply double click the desired input square to simulate a single input, or right click for a level mode input.

  Trans V

Completely redesigned environment
• Editor bookmarks make it easier to navigate to specified sections of code. The user can now use “Ctrl+#” to create a bookmark, and “Alt+#” to navigate to an existing bookmark.
• Support for drag & drop of MPC format files into the editor has been added.
• A tabbed editor with features like keyword completion, keyword help, user defined keyword highlighting, and automatic highlighting of syntax elements.
• Flexibly re-arrange your workspace with new docking panels. Easily move a panel using the directional pad shaped icon.
• Customizable text coloring to improve both the readability and organization of your code. Choose from a plethora of color and text style options to suit your procedure.

New MSN commands
• Simplified commands, such as the “Time of Day” command. Now, coordinating commands with specific dates and times takes approximately half the amount of code to execute than before.
• FOR-NEXT loops.
• SHOWEX to display data with control over the number of decimal digits.
• Sealed_Array will cause the array to be automatically truncated after the last non-zero value so that only those elements used during the running of the procedure are saved to the data file.

Language changes from Trans IV
• Equated variables make it easier to navigate your code, and also make it immediately understandable to anyone else viewing the code by substituting the variable with plain English.
• STOPKILL has been renamed STOPDISCARD, but the STOPKILL command will continue to function as expected (no need to change existing code).
• STOPABORT AND STOPABORTFLUSH are obsolete and will be interpreted as STOPSAVE, which ends the session and writes the data to disk. Saving data to memory and writing to disk have been condensed into a single operation (no need to change existing code).
• The FLUSH command has been renamed WRITE, and FLUSH will be interpreted as WRITE (no need to change existing code).


  • installation disc
  • user’s manual
  • programmer’s manual

The Med-PC® V software suite is comprised of four applications:
Hardware Configuration Utility (HCU) | Med Test | Trans | Med-PC®

Hardware Configuration Utility (HCU) is used to build a configuration file that informs Med-PC®
how many boxes are connected, how many inputs and outputs are available to each box, and how they are
identified. The utility includes on-screen guides which walk the user step-by-step through the setup procedure.

Med Test helps verify hardware functionality independently of Med-PC®. This includes tests for interface cards,
Programmable Audio Generators (ANL-926), SmartCtrl™ interface modules, standard modules, SuperPort™
modules and more.

Trans is used to compile MedState Notation™ (MSN) procedures into DLL files to be executed by Med-PC®.
Trans also serves as a text editor for writing MSN procedures and includes a detailed help file for programming in
MedState Notation.

Med-PC® is the runtime or operating system in which MSN procedures are executed. It allows for the use of
up to 16 test chambers with up to one million data elements per chamber. A single test chamber may have up to
80 inputs and 80 outputs.

NOTE: Pre-written protocols sold separately. See MedState Notation Utilities, or contact us for custom protocols.

Compatible with 64-bit operating systems only.
Med-PC® systems require a full width tower PC running Windows 7 64-bit (or later) with one full height PCI slot or a PCI-Express slot.


  • MPC2XL – Data Transfer Utility for all MED-PC (SOF-731)
  • SoftCr (SOF-721)
  • SoftCr Pro (SOF-722)
  • MedLab (SOF-700LA-1V)
  • Stop Signal Reaction Time (SOF-700RA-XV)



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