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Deluxe Five Hole Nose Poke Wall Chamber Package for Rat

Product Number: MED-NP5L-D1

Built to meet the needs of researchers performing five choice serial reaction time task studies with variable intensity.

Note: An extra grid rod which cannot be used for aversive stimulus has also been added to fill the gap formed by the curved wall. Also, to run multiple modular chambers order the MED-SYST-8 interface and software package to run up to eight or the MED-SYST-16 to run up to sixteen.

Package Includes

DIG-712 |  SuperPort 16 Input Module
DIG-726 |  SuperPort 16 Output Module
ENV-005 |  Stainless Steel Grid Floor for Rat or Small Primate
ENV-007-VP |  Value-Pak Extra Tall Modular Test
ENV-018V |  Extra Tall Expanded PVC Sound
ENV-115A-07 |  5 Unit Curved Nose Poke Wall, Holes 1" x 1" Square, Single Cue
ENV-200R2M |  Pellet Receptacle, Trough Type
ENV-200RL |  Receptacle Light for Rat
ENV-203M-45 |  Modular Pellet Dispenser for Rat, 45mg
ENV-215M |  House Light, Hooded, 100 ma, 28 V DC
ENV-254-CB |  Head Entry Detector for Rat
SG-210CB |  DB25 SmartCtrl Cable, M/F 25' (7.6m)
SG-210CP-25 |  Power Cable, 25' (7.6 m)
SG-226C |  Connection Panel, 16 In, 12 Out & Fader
FAB-ENV-007-05J  |  Full Top Plate

Audio Stimulus

Liquid Dippers and Receptacles

Operating Packages

  • MED-SYST-8-V |  PCI Operating Package for up to Eight Chambers
  • MED-SYST-16-V |  PCI Operating Package for up to Sixteen Chambers


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