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Activity Monitor 7

Product Number: SOF-812

Open Field Activity (OFA) Monitoring is a powerful assessment tool that quantifies distance traveled and stereotypic movements within the defined space of the open field arena. Special inserts may also be used with the system to perform hole board tasks, light/dark tests, and conditioned place preference protocols. Activity Monitor has been written specifically for the open field activity test chambers, and allows for flexible protocol configuration and repeated data analysis. Data may be expressed as totals or parsed into user defined time bins.


  • User adjustable sample rate up to 40 Hz detects even rapid stereotypic movements such as scratching and grooming behaviors
  • All standard data are displayed in real time along with a cumulative plot of the subject’s activity for all chambers
  • Live, easy to use data analysis – analysis settings, filters and time ranges can be adjusted on the fly – all from one screen
  • Easily export data to a text file, an Excel® file, video file, or legacy data file formats


  • Ambulatory counts, distance, time and episodes
  • Stereotypic counts and time
  • Resting time
  • Jump counts and time
  • Average speed
  • Hole board scoring (when appropriate)
  • User defined zone analysis (when appropriate)
  • Standard run time data


Download Sample Protocol PDF

This sample protocol has been created to give practical information to help you get started with your experiments. The information and examples given here are based on our own in-house research program.

Included in this document are descriptions and discussions of a general Open Field experiment,
as well as usage of the Light/Dark Insert, the Hole-Board Insert, and the Conditioned Place Preference Insert.

OS Compatibility/Computer Requirements:

• Windows 7 or newer (32-bit and 64-bit)
• One USB 2.0 Port for DIG-729USB and/or ENV-520USB
• CD-ROM drive (for installation media)


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