Volumetric Drinking Tubes

Quickly and Easily Monitor Liquid Intake ideal for:
  • Drug Dosing
  • Phenotyping
  • General Health Monitoring
Do you need to quantify daily water consumption in your mice but don’t want to invest in expensive equipment? Our PHM-127 Volumetric Drinking Tubes are economical solutions that provide accurate and reliable measurements of water intake. Now you can equip all of your cages with volumetric drinking tubes to monitor water intake in your entire colony, or in just a few cages. Two sizes available will handle daily water consumption volumes from just a few milliliters up to 50 milliliters. Drinking tubes feature high quality lixit valves to minimize problems associated with leaks.

Two valve styles are available:
  • Standard lixit valves when cost is a factor. Standard valves are also easier for the animal to operate, and may be preferable for small mice, or animals that have a weaker lick
  • Deluxe lixit valves, featuring a Teflon gasket to prevent bedding from jamming the valve Both valve styles are highly resistant to leak problems and allow for accurate quantitation of daily water intake.


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