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Product DescriptionProduct Number(s)Download (DOC #)
Variable Rate Infusion Pump with Serial ControlPHM-100VSSDOC-001
High Speed Serial ControllerDIG-729DOC-002
Med-PC IV Programmer's ManualSOF-735DOC-003
Tail SuspensionSOF-821DOC-006
Dilution OlfactometerPHM-275 | PHM-276DOC-007
VIR Syringe PumpPHM-107DOC-008
Med-PC IV User's ManualSOF-735DOC-010
Programmable Audio GeneratorANL-926DOC-011
Programmable ICSS StimulatorPHM-150B | PHM-150B/2 | PHM-152 | PHM-152/2DOC-012
SmartCTRL Interface ModulesDIG-716 | DIG-716BDOC-013
Video Zero Maze (VZM)MED-VZM-MSDOC-014
Shuttle Box for Active & Passive AvoidanceMED-APADOC-015
Four Channel Photobeam ControllerENV-253DOC-016
Video Freeze Fear ConditioningSOF-843DOC-019
Schedule ManagerSOF-706DOC-031
Advanced Syringe PumpPHM-111-ECDOC-032
Multi-Purpose Sound GeneratorENV-230DOC-033
SoftCR for WindowsSOF-721DOC-034
SmartCR for WindowsSOF-726DOC-035
Med-PC to Excel Data Transfer Utility (MPC2XL)SOF-731DOC-036
Activity MonitorSOF-811DOC-038
Standalone PCI Interface PackagesDIG‐715 | DIG-716 | DIG‐716BDOC-039
Startle ReflexSOF-825DOC-040
Response Key with LCD Stimulus DisplayENV-131MDOC-041
Intracranial PumpPHM-109DOC-042
Ultrasonic Vocalization DetectorANL-937-1 | SOF-937-1DOC-043
Multiple Tone GeneratorENV-223DOC-044
Standard Response Lever Wiring GuideENV-110M | ENV-110RM | ENV-116M | ENV-610DOC-045
Food Intake MonitorENV-200FCWDOC-047
Force LickometerENV-251FM | SOF-809DOC-048
Activity Wheel wtih Modular Side CageENV-3042DOC-049
Low Profile Retractable Response LeverENV-112CMDOC-050
Aversive Stimulator/Scrambler ModuleENV-414DOC-051
Standalone Aversive Stimulator/ScramblerENV-414SDOC-052
Nose Poke with Three Color CueENV-114MDOC-053
USB Rota-RodENV-575M | ENV-575 | ENV-578 | ENV-578RDOC-054
Single Station Rota-RodENV-576 | ENV-576MDOC-055
Five Station Rota-RodENV-577 | ENV-577MDOC-056
Pigeon Grain FeederENV-205MDOC-057
Liquid Intake MonitorENV-251-LIM | ENV-252-LIMDOC-058
Nose Poke Response with Single Yellow Simulus LightENV-114BMDOC-060
Response Feedback RelayENV-135MDOC-061
Liquid Drop DispenserENV-201ADOC-062
Liquid DipperENV-202M | ENV-302MDOC-063
Pellet DispenserENV-203DOC-064
Pellet Dispenser with Photo Beam Sensor Wiring GuideENV-203IRDOC-065
House Stimulus LightENV-215 | ENV-221DOC-066
Triple Stimulus LightENV-222 | ENV-322DOC-067
White Noise AmplifierENV-225SMDOC-069
Head Entry DetectorENV-254DOC-071
Mouse Nose PokeENV-313MDOC-072
Rapid Onset Fluorescent StimulatorPHM-258 | PHM-258LDOC-073
Rota-Rod 2SOF-571 | ENV-571M | ENV-571R | ENV-574M | ENV-574RDOC-074
Aversive StimulatorENV-406M | ENV-410B | ENV-412DOC-075
Bladder Pressure MonitorCANL-431DOC-080
House Light and Stimulus Light for MouseENV-315M | ENV-321MDOC-081
Digital Safety TimerSG-592DOC-082
Single Speed Syringe PumpPHM-100DOC-083
MYOMED MyographPHY-153DOC-084
Retractable Sipper TubeENV-252DOC-085
NIR Plus MazeNIR-110DOC-087
Automatic Guillotine DoorENV-010B | ENV-210M | ENV-340 | ENV-540DOC-088
USB Microphone PackageANL-929A-PCDOC-089
Amp MeterENV-420DOC-090
Sipper Tube with Photobeam SensorENV-251LDOC-091
Safety Syringe PumpPHM-108DOC-093
Pulse Oximeter PackageCANL-425SV-ADOC-095
Elevated Plus Maze HardwareENV-560 | ENV-560ADOC-096
Square Wave Aversive StimulatorENV-416SDOC-097
Barnes MazeENV-562DOC-098
Activity Wheel with Electronic DragENV-042DOC-099
Ultra Sensitive Retractable Mouse LeverENV-312DOC-100
Open Field Activity MonitorSOF-812DOC-101
Open Field Activity Hardware GuideMED-OFA | ENV-510 | ENV-515 | ENV-520 DOC-102
Load Cell AmplifierENV-118 | SOF-808DOC-106
Microcontrolled Constant Current Aversive StimulatorENV-413DOC-107
Safety Shutoff Digital TimerPHM-100STV-ADOC-108
Olfactory Stimulus SystemENV-275DOC-112
USB Interface SystemDIG-703A | DIG-703BDOC-114
Mouse Activity Wheel with Home CageENV-3046DOC-115
Five Unit Nose Poke Wall with Yellow CueENV-115A | ENV-115CDOC-116
Swivel and LeashPHM-120A | PHM-115IDOC-117
Variable Speed Syringe PumpPHM-100VS-2DOC-118
Conversion ManualENV-200FCW-C | ENV-200FCWDOC-123
Video MonitorSOF-842DOC-124
Contact Lickometer ControllerENV-250 | ENV-250B | ENV-250CDOC-126
Switching Contact Lickometer ControllerENV-250ADOC-127
Lick Suppression (MedState Notation Utility)SOF-700RA-22DOC-129
TTL to 28V DC Power InverterSG-230RDOC-131
Pigeon Key with Three Color DisplayENV-123AMDOC-133
Pigeon Key with Multi-Color DisplayENV-124AMDOC-134
Nine Nose Poke System Wiring GuideMED-NP9L-B1 | MED-NP9L-D1 | MED-NP9M-B1 | MED-NP9M-D1DOC-135
Response WheelENV-113MDOC-136
Operant Test Chamber Package Wiring GuideMED-ENV-007-B1DOC-143
Variable Speed Microliter Syringe PumpPHM-104DOC-144
Rat Nose Poke with Response KeyENV-119M-1DOC-145
Mouse Nose Poke Key ResponseENV-316WDOC-146
Primate Stimulus LightENV-621DOC-147
Retractable Primate Lever Wiring GuideENV-612MDOC-148
SoftCR Event AnalysisSOF-720EDOC-150
NIR Pass Filter InsallationVID-LENS-NIR-1DOC-153
Ultra Sensitive Mouse LeverENV-310MDOC-154
Aversive Stimulation with Video MonitoringSOF-732-4DOC-155
Primate Retractable Sipper with Lixit valve and solenoidENV-652AMDOC-156
Primate Retractable Sipper with Lixit Valve & Solenoid Wiring GuideENV-652AMDOC-156
Student Trainer InterfaceSG-595DOC-157
Catalepsy Test ChamberENV-003DOC-158
Light Detector Wiring GuideANL-955DOC-159
Mouse Swivel ArmPHM-124MDOC-160
Ultrasonic Vocalization Detector Test PackageANL-939DOC-161
Single Channel Infrared Control with Source and Detector Wiring GuideENV-253BDOC-164
Nose Poke Port with Yellow Stimulus lightENV-275-NPP | ENV-375-NPP | ENV-375W-NPPDOC-165
Animal Food Intake MonitorSOF-710DOC-166
Retractable Lixit® Sipper TubeENV-352DOC-167
Retractable Response LeverENV-112BMDOC-168
On-Demand "Atlantis" PlatformENV-594-BK | ENV-595DOC-170
Rat Self Infusion PackagePHM-119BDOC-171
12 Stimulus Projector with Pecking KeyENV-130MDOC-172
Stimulus Light Fader ControlENV-226DOC-174
Extra Thick Retractable Response LeverENV-116RMDOC-175
Shuttle Box Active Avoidance FR-2 (MedState Notation Utility)SOF-700RA-23DOC-176
Nose Poke ResponseENV-114AMDOC-177
K-Limbic Installation & ConfigurationSOF-740DOC-179
K-Limbic Developer's GuideSOF-740DOC-180
K-Limbic Operator's GuideSOF-740DOC-181
Olfactory System with Five Nose Poke and Stimulus LightsMED-OLF-5NPM | ENV-115A-OF | ENV-115C-OFDOC-182
Triple Infusion PumpPHM-102 | PHM-102ADOC-183
TTL to 28V DC Power Adapter with Coaxial ConnectorSG-230RCDOC-185
High-Low Speed Precision PumpPHM-104ADOC-187
Fixed Water Maze PlatformENV-596DOC-191
Poker Chip DispenserENV-703DOC-192
Pellet Dispenser ConversionENV-203-CONVDOC-193
Triadic PackageMED-TLH-LGR | MED-TLH-M | MED-TLH-RDOC-194
Clear Pigeon KeyENV-125AMDOC-196
48-Channel IR ControllerENV-520DOC-197
Low Profile Non-Counting Running Wheel for MiceENV-044-02DOC-198
Med Test UtilitySOF-MED-TESTDOC-200
Filler PanelsENV-007-FP | ENV-307A-FP | ENV-307W-FPDOC-201
Grid Harness Wiring DiagramENV-408DOC-202
28 V DC to TTL InterfaceSG-231DOC-203
SoftCR Pro for WindowsSOF-722DOC-204
Wheel ManagerSOF-860DOC-205
Nine Light Fader ControlSG-226CDOC-206
Mouse Retractable SipperENV-352AWDOC-208
Contextual ConditioningMED-CCSDOC-209
Firewire Camera Driver InstructionsSOF-842 | SOF-843DOC-210
Lickometer Grid SwitchENV-250SDOC-211
TTL to 28V DC InterfaceSG-230DOC-212
Water Maze Pool HeaterENV-597DOC-213
Water Maze Video Tracking SystemSOF-845DOC-214
Forced Swim SystemSOF-842-3DOC-216
Acrylic & Polycarbonate Care + Use Guide*All transparent plastic equipment*DOC-217
Startle Platform Load Cell AssemblyPHM-250DOC-219
Wheel Manager Data AnalysisSOF-861DOC-220
Stimulus LightENV-621LDOC-221
Lindsley ManipulandumENV-122DOC-222
Switchable Liquid DippersENV-202M-S | ENV-302DOC-224
Slanted Activity WheelENV-045DOC-225
Sound Attenuating Cubicle (SAC) Viewing Port & Handle AssemblyENV-022V | ENV-018V | ENV-022MD | ENV-018MD | ENV-016MD | ENV-017MD | ENV-020M | ENV-022S DOC-228
Water Maze Pool SupportENV-593R-C | ENV-935M-CDOC-231
Light Pipe Lickometer with Photobeam ControllerENV-251MDOC-232
SuperPort CardsDIG-712 | DIG-712F | DIG-726 | DIG-713A | DIG-726TTL DOC-233
Open Field Activity Chamber Modification KitENV-515CPDOC-236
Noldus I/O InterfaceSG-233DOC-238
Y-Maze, T-Maze, and Radial Arm Maze AssemblyMED-YMMN | MED-YMRN | MED-YMAZ-U-1M | MED-YMAZ-U1RDOC-240
NIR Backlit MazeENV-564 | ENV-564ADOC-243
TTL I/O InterfaceSG-233-48DOC-244
Med Screen Image DownloaderENV-131M-DL | SOF-400DOC-249
Liquid Pipe ReceptacleENV-303LP | ENV-303LPHD | ENV-303LPHD-2DOC-252
Vertical Wireless Running WheelENV-044VDOC-253
Feeder Mount Bracket for Backlit MazeENV-343U-BLFMDOC-257
Goal BoxENV-346U-BLDOC-258
A-Frame InsertENV-008-IRTDOC-260
Ultrasonic Microphone and AmplifierANL-940-1DOC-262
Backlit Zero MazeENV-561-BL | ENV-561A-BLDOC-265
Liquid Dipper Head Entry Detector for MouseENV-302RL | ENV-302HDDOC-266
Mouse Liquid Dipper Receptacle LightENV-302RL-1 | ENV-302RL-1-YDOC-266
Dual Pellet/Liquid ReceptacleENV-303RMW-3DOC-268
Illuminated Nose Poke Response with Olfactory ResponseENV-375-NPPDOC-272
NeuroLynx Adapter BoxSG-244BDOC-273
Top Mount Super Tweeter for Classic Mouse ChamberENV-324DMDOC-275
Sound Attenuating Cubicles (SAC) with Electronic ShieldingENV-017M-EMS | ENV-018MD-EMS | ENV-022MD-EMSDOC-277
Earth Ground Junction BoxSG-220DOC-278
Sound Attenuating Cubicle (SAC) With Viewing WindowENV-018MD-WDOC-280
Backlit Barnes MazeENV-592-BLDOC-283
Solenoid Brake Accessory for Activity WheelENV-042A-SBADOC-290
LCD Stimulus Display for ENV-007 and ENV-008 ChambersENV-132MDOC-291
USB Open Field Activity HardwareENV-520USB | SG-506 | MED-OFA | MED-OFASDOC-297
Variable Rate Infusion PumpPHM-100VS-ACDOC-302


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