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Society for Neuroscience 2017 – Booth #1801

Come by and see Med Associates at booth #1801 at the upcoming Neuroscience 2017 conference in Washington DC November 11th – 15th.

At the Society for Neuroscience Annual conference, Steve Walsh will be on site to share the latest developments at Med Associates. In particular we will be featuring our new UroVoid system for mice and our new “Davis Rig” gustometer.

UroVoid is the first commercially available system to accurately record urinary voiding frequency in mice. We have spent years of development refining this system so as to allow for accurate quantification of the very small volumes of urine typically encountered in mouse voiding studies.

The Med Associates “Davis Rig” (legacy version) contains everything needed to run brief access lickometery studies in a single subject. The system was formerly offered by DiLog Instruments, and now continues to be available at Med Associates. Brief access lickometery studies allow the researcher to assess taste preference, chemotransduction pathways, and ingestive behavior in a rapid, efficient manner.

Also featured at the conference:

  • Med-PC V, our latest version of the most powerful behavioral control & acquisition software available
  • Video Freeze, fear conditioning for use with optogenetics
  • Our latest generation Rota Rod
  • Self-administration systems
  • …a­­nd much more!


Contact us if you would like to discuss something specific at SfN 2017!

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Society for Neuroscience 2017 – Booth #1801 Learn More

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