Executive Team

Karl Zurn, M.E.E.
Bridget Garibay, MSCS, MBA
Gerald M. Herrera, Ph. D.
Valdemar Garibay, MBA, MSM

Karl R. Zurn, M.E.E.
Founder, Chairman of the Board

Med Associates’ Founder and Chairman of the Board, Karl Zurn, established the company in Pennsylvania in 1971.  Under Karl’s leadership and vision Med Associates has grown from a small company specializing in the inspection of hospital equipment to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of research equipment for the fields of behavioral psychology, pharmacology, and neuroscience. Karl received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University. Karl and his wife Jane have three daughters, Bridget, Brooks, and Mary Dove, all of whom are involved in the family businesses.

Bridget Zurn Garibay, MSCS, MBA

As President of Med Associates, Bridget Zurn Garibay oversees all of the company’s day to day operations. Bridget has continued Med Associates’ commitment to quality and value for the customer while promoting the growth of Med Associates nationally and around the world. A graduate of the University of Vermont, Bridget currently holds BSCSIS, MSCS, and MBA degrees.

Gerald M. Herrera, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research and Development

Dr. Herrera has a Ph.D. in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. His research interests include smooth muscle excitation-contraction coupling, cardiovascular function, physiology of the lower urinary tract, gastrointestinal physiology, as well as learning and memory. Dr. Herrera is the Vice President of Research and Development at Med Associates, and is President of the affiliated company, Catamount Research and Development. Since becoming involved with Med Associates, he has developed a strong in-house research and development program that is rooted in both engineering and the basic sciences. He believes strongly in the importance of maintaining close ties between the development efforts within our company and the current needs of researchers. In addition, Dr. Herrera holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Vermont, where he is active in research collaborations and is a member of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Dr. Herrera has been involved in the biomedical research industry for 18 years, the last 9 of which he has been at Med Associates. He is a member of several scientific societies, including Society for Neuroscience (9 yrs), American Physiological Society (15 yrs), American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (9 yrs), Behavioral Pharmacology Society (8 yrs), American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (8 yrs), Microcirculatory Society (4 yrs), and Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (4 yrs).

Valdemar Garibay, MBA, MSM
Vice President, Human Resources and Finance Consultant

Mr. Garibay has an MBA in Accounting and a Master’s of Science in Management and Human Resources Management. His baccalaureate concentrations included: Management, Marketing Management, and Management Information Systems. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. His areas of study and interests include Organizational Behavior and Communication, Organizational Development & Psychology, Conflict Resolution, Training & Development, Human Resources Strategies, Financial Analysis and Strategy, Management in the areas of Operations, Effective Team Building, Team Meeting, and Inventory, Organizational Change, and Learning Development. Mr. Garibay is the Vice President and handles the Human Resources and Financial Consultant function for Med Associates, Inc. Since becoming involved with Med Associates, he has worked to develop Financial, Human Resources, and Strategic initiatives to move the company forward. He has worked to improve communication channels with personnel, spearheaded Training & Development courses for managers, and improved the performance management dynamic. He believes strongly in the importance of the team members that make up the organization, so that they will in turn focus their efforts in providing excellent customer service by manufacturing a quality product in a timely fashion. He is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.


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