About Med Associates Inc®

Med Associates Inc® is the leading manufacturer, software developer, and supplier of products for behavioral psychology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and related fields of research. Med Associates was established in 1971 as a small research and development company. Today, Med Associates and our affiliated companies employ over 100 people, manufacture and distribute more than 400 product lines, occupy locations in Georgia and St. Albans Vermont and in Florida, and are represented by several dealers and authorized distributors throughout the world.

Growing to Meet the Needs of Researchers for Over 40 Years

At Med Associates, our focus has been to provide customers with durable, adaptable, and economical research tools that meet their research needs now and into the future. Since its inception, Med Associates has followed a productive growth strategy marked by three key principles:

  • State-of-the-Art Research and Development
  • Commitment to Basic Research
  • Manufacturing Excellence

Our focus on research and development has resulted in the largest array of behavioral test equipment available from any manufacturer. We are continuously pursuing new product development, product enhancements, and ventures into new areas. Basic research is part of the foundation of our product development process. Our St. Albans, Vermont Science Center is home to our in-house test laboratories. We have a vivarium with survival surgical capabilities and several thousand square feet of lab space. In addition, we work closely with researchers in the field to help us design and refine our research equipment. Over the years we have invested heavily into manufacturing equipment, including state-of-the-art automated computer controlled mills, saws, lathes, routers, electrical circuit board assembly (pick and place), and more.

Knowledge You Can Rely On

Med Associates is dedicated to teaching, informing, and supporting researchers all over the world in the use of our equipment through our ongoing Short Courses in Neuroscience series, our on-site installations and training. We also support the vast research community of Med Associates customers by supporting research publications and conferences throughout the year.


At Med Associates, our mission is to be the industry-leading supplier of biomedical research instrumentation for in vivo preclinical animal studies aimed at understanding human health and behavior and treating human disease.  We strive to deliver solutions to meet the most demanding needs of our customers, and to provide these solutions in the form of state-of-the-art instrumentation and software that is economically priced.  We promote education and training opportunities and produce sound technical information.

Our team members help each other to be productive, efficient, and effective.  We provide our team with the tools and support that is needed to develop quality products in a profitable manner while following safety standards.

We will lead by example by instilling open communication, respectful team building, and creating a continuous learning culture in an effort to create positive satisfaction to our customers and clients.


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